Diverse perspectives. Durable network. Comprehensive experience.
Owner. Supervisory Board. Senior Manager.


We have gained comprehensive experience across the entire length of our service and skill spectrum. The result of successful advice, governance, corporate management as well as transformations is characterised by the interplay between owner, supervisory board and senior manager. Here, every member has a specific role and interaction. We have worked for all parties in various constellations and turned various perspectives into win-win situations.

Over the last two decades, we have worked with a range of clients in the finance and corporate sector. Thanks to our network, we have access to all sectors, relevant institutions in Germany and decision-makers in the large financial centres.

We have employed a considerable number of experts and managers on an international basis and have accompanied them in their development. We were members of various committees - either as chairman or member, as manager or supervisory board member.

We have established, restructured or sold a range of companies, business units and portfolios. We were and are involved in many transactions and are stakeholders and investors in various business activities.

Since the beginning of our careers, we have successfully driven transformation processes forward at both an individual and an organisational level - based on comprehensive experience with clients and in organisations which we ourselves spearheaded.

  1. Corporate Advisory
    • Conducting due diligence processes
    • Strategies and measures for restructuring and value creation
    • Establishment of negotiating positions and implementation of negotiations
    • Acquisition and divestment of companies, business units and portfolios
  2. Corporate Governance
    • Assessment, development and implementation of
      • Business models
      • Corporate strategy
      • Restructuring plans
    • Assessment, development and implementation of company-specific governance structures
    • Review and support in rating and selection of committee and management members
    • Design and implementation of committee information systems
    • Design and implementation of committee remuneration systems
    • Coaching and further development of committee members
    • Sparring, preparation and briefing of committee members
  3. Corporate Management
    • Assessment, development and implementation of
      • Business models
      • Corporate strategy
      • Restructuring plans
    • Establishment, restructuring and resolution of companies, business units and portfolios
    • Consultant management in accordance with value levers pursuant to the corporate objective
    • Design, review and further development of
      • Strategy processes
      • Risk management processes
      • Segmental strategies (investors, markets, clients, etc.)
      • (Re) Organisation
      • Management systems and processes
      • Remuneration and incentive systems
      • Management selection processes
      • Development measures
  4. Transformation
    • Design and implementation of transformations
    • Comprehensive content-based and personal sparring on all issues
    • Comprehensive coaching of individuals, teams and organisations
    • Development of high-performance cultures at all levels
    • Successful transformation of people, teams and organisations