We provide advice.
Individually tailored in accordance with your needs.



You are looking for consulting, sparring, coaching or development at an individual, team or organisational level. Our service can be provided either over a short period and in respect to specific issues, or over the long term alongside a process.

 In getting results, we place special emphasis on common development with you. The focus is on securing full client potential

  1. Consulting – As equals. Together. Continual and project-based.

    We provide advice to our clients as equals and develop results with them together. Here, our support is both continual and project-based. This is provided on an exclusively personal basis in respect of all key issues for you.

    At the request of our clients, we offer targeted needs assessment and can also prioritise, request, select and manage external consulting resources (consultant management). We do not compete with traditional consulting companies. Rather, they supplement our service and, for the benefit of our clients, we work together with them to create value.

    We use our entire network to the benefit of our clients.

    Within the framework of personal mandates, we also offer senior consultant services or sit on committees for selected clients.

  2. Sparring – Subjectively objective. Befitting the situation. Always personal.

    You are looking for a sparring partner with respect to your key issues. You value a second opinion or supplementary perspective. In preparation for key issues and meetings, you want to reassess your position and test out the possible reactions of other participants. You want to understand driving factors in your environment and analyse different scenarios. You are interested, in particular, in alternative approaches in the case of difficult conditions and in the best possible results.


  3. Coaching – Development orientated. Authentic. Effective.

    The long-term sustainable success of organisations – especially in times of change, heightened uncertainty or crisis – depends to a large degree on the technical and personal skill of owners, stakeholders and management to determine culture and targets and to support their implementation. Crucial is that each participant in the process brings his role to bear, that interests are coordinated and adjusted, hidden agendas minimised and that common efforts are tailored to the success of the organisation.

    We provide support for individual committee members in order to increase their effectiveness in this sense so that they may make their best possible contribution. We also coach entire committees so that these act as a successful team and live their professional roles thereby driving forward the organisation as a whole.

  4. Development – Successful Boards Institute

    The Successful Boards Institute (SBI) forms the platform and umbrella for all development measures we offer for individuals, teams and organisations.

    Managers and organisations secure long-term and sustainable success when they succeed in fully and completely unlocking their potential in a conscious attitude of permanent learning, thereby securing competence in their actions and innovation in an increasingly uncertain future for which only limited plans can be made.

    The modern economy requires both from individuals and organisations a new type of thinking and the development of new skills for professional and successful navigation in a world of constant flux described by four key features: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

    Effective development and learning processes therefore target the transformation of existing individual and collective awareness. We help you to discover and use these levers for profound and sustainable transformation processes with respect to individuals, groups and organisations.

    The Successful Boards Institute offers customised development and qualification training for supervisory board members, executive board members and top managers at both the individual and organisational level. Where required, these can also be incorporated into the entire service and competence spectrum of Successful Boards.

    Contact us and we will design the necessary measures together with you. This way, the measures come into full effect for your benefit.